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DAKSpro Certificate Courses for Service Specialists

The following DAKSpro (OScAR-Pro) training courses are included in the standard training program for service technicians. Further or individual training courses can be organised on request.

To participate in the Delta or Advanced Courses you must have completed a DAKSeco Basic Course within the last two years. For all training courses, we require basic telecommunications knowledge (VoIP, ISDN, telecommunications systems, soft switches, Unified Communications (UC), trunking, signalling...).

Delta Course

innovations of DAKSpro (OScAR-Pro)

Advanced Course

Personal security & positioning

Advanced Course

Connections to telephone systems and data interface protocols

3 days of classroom instruction

3 days of classroom instruction

2 days of classroom instruction

DAKSpro (OScAR-Pro) Basic Course

for developing basic know-how

5 days of classroom instruction

Course content DAKSpro (OScAR-Pro) Basic Course
  1. Hardware DAKS-200 and DAKS-300
  2. Configuration and operation of the application 'Broadcast/Alerting-Pro'
  3. Basics of the other applications of DAKSpro
  4. Expansion options (such as data import, smartphone access, etc.)
  5. DAKS Satellite
  6. Security consideration
  7. Updates and upgrades
  8. Practical exercises to implement the acquired knowledge
Course content DAKSpro (OScAR-Pro) Delta Course
  1. Refreshing the Basic Course contents
  2. Innovations of all SW applications of DAKSpro
  3. Innovations concerning personal security and positioning
  4. Forecast of planned product development
Course content Advanced Course 'Personal security & positioning'
  1. SW application 'Personal Security-Pro'
  2. SW application Emergency Call Response Center (PNEZ) to enable personal security according to DGUV
  3. DECT/WLAN positioning with DAKS Positioning Services
  4. GPS positioning with DAKS Mobile Client
  5. Visualization of positioning results
  6. Practical exercises to implement the acquired knowledge
Course content Advanced Course
'Connections to telephone systems and data interface protocols'
  1. Details of various interfaces/protocols
  2. Connection to various PBXs
  3. Debugging and tracing
  4. Practical exercises to implement the acquired knowledge
Training Program
We currently offer the following training courses:

Service Specialist
Certificate Courses


Service Specialist
Certificate Courses


Upcoming Courses
No English-language events scheduled at this time

Should your preferred course date be fully booked, we or the ptm academy will gladly put you on our waiting list. As soon as a place becomes available or a new course date is fixed, you will be automatically notified.


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