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DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS supports home office teams
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
DAKS Modules – Briefly introduced
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Intelligent Calling filters calls and treats them individually
Automated announcements relieve hotline staff of a lot of work. Among other things, because repetitive information can be passed on to callers before the call is put through. However, if callers have to dial the hotline number very often, listening to the same message over and over can be quite...

DAKSpro optimizes on-call services
More than ten percent of employees in Germany work in on-call or standby duties*. This form of work is particularly common in the healthcare sector, but other sectors such as hotels and restaurants, industry and the public sector also use on-call services regularly.The key factor for the smooth...

Ob regelmäßige Briefings oder Notfallkonferenz: Effektive und sichere Konferenzen mit DAKSpro
To hold meetings and coordinate processes, the players involved do not need to come together in person at a specific place. New forms of work such as home office, mobile workflows and internationally distributed sites increasingly demand for the opportunity to also hold shared meetings and...

For regular briefings aswell as emergency conferences: DAKS enables effective and secure conferencing.
'Conferencing' is our DAKS application module of the month of August and one of the most popular application modules with our customers. No wonder, really. Afterall, DAKS supports users everywhere with a wide-ranging arsenal of powerful features that go far beyond any ordinary conferences over the...

We all love messaging! It is a comfortable and extremely effective tool when an information must reach many recipients quickly. Simply type in your text, select all desired recipients and click 'Send' – done! Especially when we don't need feedback on our message and also when...