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We all love messaging! It is a comfortable and extremely effective tool when an information must reach many recipients quickly. Simply type in your text, select all desired recipients and click 'Send' – done! Especially when we don't need feedback on our message and also when...

DAKS Personal Security secures employess in dangerous work surroundings
Production processes, security patrols or workflows in a psychiatric ward – whenever work areas or assignments are potentially dangerous for employees, employers must take appropriate safety precautions. In some areas and especially for lone workplaces, these are often even regulated by law. DAKS...

DAKS Module of the Month 'Call Profiles': Fine tuning for optimal reachability
Our DAKS Module of the Month 'Call Profiles' is all about access and reachability. But... What constitutes a good reachability?

tetronik-Mitarbeiter erhalten ihre Ingenieurringe
On Friday, May 4, 2018, the information technology and electrical engineering department of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences celebrated its graduates at the civic hall in Rüsselsheim. Until midnight, the 38 graduates celebrated their degree at the University of Applied Sciences...

DAKS-Module of the Month 'DAKS Desktop Client' - discrete alerting for public workplaces
At workplaces open to the public, employees are sometimes exposed to threats caused by aggressive customers. For example, when customers or citizens are upset or try to enforce their concerns by violent means - in the form of insults, threats, damage to property or even physical attacks.