Experience, quality, performance, robustness

The DAKS Product Concept

DAKS has been setting standards in terms of safety, performance and flexibility since 1994.

The latest processor architecture, leading security and usability features, consistent further development of mature concepts, combined with innovative ideas – DAKS is a forward-looking alarm server platform you can rely on.


Alerting for standard applications

Is DAKSeco the right solution for me?

Our DAKSeco product line covers the basic alarm applications in an easy-to-use compact solution.

DAKSeco is optimized for the needs of small to medium-sized companies and organizations:

  • Small hospitals
  • Retirement and nursing homes
  • Small to medium-sized industrial companies
  • Small utility plants, such as sewage treatment plants
  • Hotels and leisure parks
  • Event facilities, such as cinemas, theaters and stadiums
  • Public facilities, such as authorities or schools
  • Malls and department stores
  • Other small and medium-sized companies and organizations
compact, simple and versatile

Alerting with extras for complex scenarios

Is DAKSpro the right solution for me?

The modular system of the DAKSpro product line enables the individual setup and configuration of special alarm applications.

DAKSpro is the ideal solution for implementing demanding scenarios of larger organizations with a precise attention to detail:

  • Large hospital complexes and university clinics
  • Large industrial plants and chemical parks
  • Large utility plants, such as power stations
  • Transportation facilities, such as airports, train stations and container ports
  • Corporations
  • Other large companies or large organizations
modular, flexible and efficient
Special Solutions

With carefully tailored quality components from our technology partners

Is a special solution right for me?

Critical applications require reliable systems that comply with the relevant regulations.

In our turnkey solutions, the components from various manufacturers are perfectly coordinated and certified as a complete solution.

for standard-compliant alerting

What is DAKS made up of?

From routine to special applications – DAKS will always be DAKS

Each DAKS consists of stable basic software and the most suitable, high-performance hardware platform for the respective application.

Alternatively, DAKS can also be operated as a virtualized alarm server in the cloud (hosted in your company's own IT infrastructure or in a data center).

In both variants, DAKS can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs and requirements on site thanks to the large number of available function modules.

Made in Germany

In-house hardware and software development. Decades of development experience.

Quality made in Germany.

Thanks to our in-house production, we can always maintain the robustness of our products that our customers value so highly.

Our products are developed in Germany with uncompromising quality standards and manufactured in-house.

Your benefits


The latest security features make DAKS stable against both attacks and failures.


With a typical minimum service life of 8-10 years, DAKS sets market standards in the longevity of hardware platforms.


Regional production and components from the Bavarian electronics manufacturer MicroSys are part of our conscious contribution to climate and environmental protection.


As the manufacturer with the longest experience in the market, we offer products of unrivaled maturity, quality and reliability.


Our products are easy to integrate, scalable, customizable and versatile.

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