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Company Profile

tetronik develops and produces solutions for various tasks in alarm, information and communication management. We integrate, automate, simplify and secure both critical and everyday communication processes from various industries.

Our products

In 1994 we laid the foundation for today's alarm server technology with our main product, the well-known alarm server DAKS.

With our portfolio and the various DAKS platforms, together with our high-performance partners, we have been providing comprehensive solutions for a large number of demanding applications for decades.

Our slogan, "DAKS... it's all about responsibility," explains where and why DAKS is used: Wherever it is crucial to rely on processes, where people need to be protected, helpers and task forces need to be mobilized and the right target persons need to be reached quickly, DAKS is the right choice.

As the manufacturer with the longest experience in the market, our portfolio offers products with unmatched maturity, quality and reliability.

Our claim

By manufacturing them in-house, we are able to maintain the robustness of our products that is so highly valued by our customers. In addition to development and production, all other company divisions are united under one roof in Taunusstein - short distances for best results:

  • Software development
  • Hardware development
  • Documentation 
  • Manufacturing
  • Project planning support
  • Sales & marketing
  • Service and support
  • ... and the excellently equipped tetronik training center
Our products are developed in Germany with uncompromising quality standards and manufactured in our own production facilities.

Our customers

We offer cross-industry solutions for the most diverse requirements.

This means that our products help people and optimize processes both in small and medium-sized businesses, such as a nursing home, as well as in global corporations or major airports.

Different product lines are precisely tailored to the needs and tasks of different company sizes. This results in an optimal price-performance ratio with outstanding quality.

Our customers in more than 50 countries around the world appreciate the versatile usability of DAKS, not only for emergency preparation, but also for daily business processes and building automation.


In the course of digitalization in the various industries, we provide a highly integratable 'machine – human' interface that transfers all data securely, reliably and purposefully to the authority that still has to make responsible decisions: The human being.


At tetronik, we live the concept of Green IT: Not only are our products characterized by extraordinary durability and low energy consumption – many of our employees come to work by bicycle, in wind and weather and literally over hill and dale.

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