How DAKS is used

DAKS Application Examples

The DAKS alarm server is extremely versatile and can be used across all industries – not only for emergencies, but also for exercises and routine communication tasks in day-to-day business. Below you will find a selection of typical DAKS use cases.

Unburdening Nurses: Distribution of Nurse Calls

How the connection to nurse call systems makes the nursing profession more attractive again

Reduce Outages with an Internal Service Hotline

Increase productivity, automate technician calls, simplify on-call service

Always Provide Up-to-Date Information with Citizen Helpline

Keep neighborhoods informed, free up phone lines, and reduce staff workload

The 911 Call – Help Fast and Effectively after Occupational Accidents

Effectively coordinate first aid and further safety measures even before the emergency physician arrives

Organize Many Inquiries with a Fault Hotline

Managing large call volumes during disruptions and informing citizens

Create Smart and Continuous IoT Workflows

Effective and secure handover of IoT data to humans: Connect communication processes with Node-RED

Design IoT Workflows in Nursing More Securely

Effective and aecure handover of IoT data to humans: Connect and control communication processes with Node-RED

Mobilize Resuscitation Team in Case of a Code Blue Alarm

Respond faster and increase patient safety through automation

Targeted and Automated Alerting in an Industrial Park

Automatically coordinate alerting processes in a breakdown

Set up Citizen Hotline for Current Events

Keeping callers up to date on topics like power supply and weather conditions

Automate Trauma Room Alerting

Digital admitting form automatically alerts required trauma room staff

Alarm Management in Intensive Care Units

Medical device provides more relevant alarms and helps reduce 'alarm fatigue'

Organize Emergency Operations Quickly and Effectively

Coordinate surgical teams at the touch of a button with assured accessibility

Always Safe in the Elevator with DAKS and the Self-Checking Elevator Emergency Call

Answer emergency calls reliably and automate emergency processes | Digitalization in Facility Management

Staying Confident in Case of Fire with DAKS and Fire Alarm Systems

Safe processes, effective coordination, less damage thanks to automated emergency processes

Assemble Winter Road Maintenance Flexibly and Reliably

No more calling around: This is how you assemble snow clearance teams at the push of a button

Evacuate Hotel Guests Orderly and Effectively

More security for guests: Automated alarming and effective evacuation support

Prioritizing Alarms Correctly and Processing them Effectively

What alarms and fault messages must be responded to immediately and in what order?

Fulfill Guests' Wishes in Hotels Effectively

Route service orders to your staff in a targeted manner and receive feedback on the process status

Conveniently Organize On-Call Services and Quickly Resolve Faults

Rectify faults quickly and call in the technician on duty at the touch of a button

Preventing Violence and Protecting Employees in the Workplace with 'Silent Alarm'

Reduce stress, avert conflicts, protect employees | Unobtrusively raise alarm in Public Service

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