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Company Profile

tetronik develops and produces solutions for various tasks in alarm, information and communication management. We integrate, automate, simplify and secure both critical and everyday communication processes from various industries.

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60 years:
The tetronik story
Geschichte Gründung

It all started in a basement: In December 1958 Klaus and Irma Hantke registered the tetronik Klaus Hantke VDI as an engineering office in Frankfurt. When our founder decided to set up his own company, he did so in order to be able to meet special customer requirements in the field of communication through his own developments as a committed engineer.

Geschichte 1960er

In the 60s, special components based on transistor technology were developed and manufactured to complement personal search radio systems.
As early as 1964, the current company headquarters were built in Taunusstein-Wehen.

Geschichte 1970er

After a part of the company had been spun off in 1971 as 'tetronik Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH', today 'tetronik Kommunikationstechnik GmbH', in the 70s, tetronik GmbH concentrated on the development and production of trend-setting telephone couplers. These were initially based on TTL, then CMOS and then microprocessor technology.

Geschichte 1980er

In 1980 the series delivery of the universal personal search adapter UPSA 80 began - a product milestone.
This was followed by a close cooperation with Siemens AG and the delivery of a wide variety of HW/SW special solutions based on analog telephony: multi-channel paging couplers, hotel guest alarm systems, alarm servers, guard control systems, broadcast and conference systems and much more.

Geschichte 1990er

1994 - birth of DAKS: The first DAKS generation based on ISDN was developed and an OEM agreement was concluded with Siemens AG for the worldwide marketing of the alarm server "DAKS for Hicom". In 1995, company founder Klaus Hantke handed over the tetronik company to the long-standing employees Rainer Seelgen (CEO), Heiko Trapp (CEO) and Horst Grünewälder (ppa) as partners of 'tetronik GmbH Angewandte Elektronik und Nachrichtentechnik'. This was followed by the introduction of a QMS according to ISO 9001 in 1996. As early as 1999, tetronik entered IP telephony as an OEM product for Siemens AG with a 30-channel VoIP gateway RG2200.

Geschichte 2000er

In 2003, the strategic partnership with Impact Technologies, St. Louis, began for the marketing of DAKS in North America. In the following years, the DAKS system was constantly improved - towards VoIP. DAKS was marketed extremely successfully via Siemens in conjunction with HiPath 4000 and cordless E, especially in the health care sector. In 2008, the long-standing employees Markus Heeser, Jens-Peter Lichtenberg and Hartmut Luetz-Hawranke joined as shareholders.

Geschichte 2010er

The compact DAKSeco alarm server and satellite components for contact I/O, serial I/O, NF I/O expand the DAKS portfolio. Partnerships in heterogeneous ICT system environments are being further expanded. A further generation change takes place in the management: Winfried Geutsch joins as managing partner in 2012 and shortly afterwards the former managing director Rainer Seelgen retires.

Geschichte - jüngere Vergangenheit
Recent past

Certified as a medical device manufacturer according to ISO13485 since 2013, tetronik introduced DAKSmed 2016 as a medical device. In 2017, the company headquarters were further enlarged and a new training centre was built.

Geschichte - Aktuell

Based on a stable market presence and a team of 40 committed employees, tetronik works on the further development and expansion of strategic partnerships worldwide as well as on innovations in hardware and software and on the expansion of the tetronik portfolio in the areas of process optimization, personal security and emergency, alarm and crisis communication.

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Produkte 1
Our Products
Alarmserver aus eigener  Fertigung
25 years ago we laid the foundation for today's alarm server technology with our main product, the well-known alarm server DAKS.
With our portfolio and the various DAKS platforms, together with our high-performance partners, we have been providing comprehensive solutions for a large number of demanding applications for decades.

Our slogan, "DAKS... it's all about responsibility," explains where and why DAKS is used: Wherever it is crucial to rely on processes, where people need to be protected, helpers and task forces need to be mobilized and the right target persons need to be reached quickly, DAKS is the right choice. As the manufacturer with the longest experience in the market, our portfolio offers products with unmatched maturity, quality and reliability.
Anspruch 1
Our Claim
By manufacturing them in-house, we are able to maintain the robustness of our products that is so highly valued by our customers. In addition to development and production, all other company divisions are united under one roof in Taunusstein - short distances for best results:
  1. Software development
  2. Hardware development
  3. Documentation and
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Project planning support
  6. Sales & marketing
  7. Service and support
  8. ... and the excellently equipped tetronik training centre
Überzeugt von DAKS
Our products are developed in Germany with uncompromising quality standards and manufactured in our own production facilities.
Kunden 1
Our Clients
Kundenberatung in der DAKS-Lounge
We offer cross-industry solutions for the most diverse requirements.
This means that our products help people and optimize processes both in small and medium-sized businesses, such as a nursing home, as well as in global corporations or major airports.

Different product lines are precisely tailored to the needs and tasks of different company sizes. This results in an optimal price-performance ratio with outstanding quality.

Our customers in more than 50 countries around the world appreciate the versatile usability of DAKS, not only for emergency preparation, but also for daily business processes and building automation.
DAKS is used very often in these industries, for example: