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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Manage Service Jobs

Forward service orders from hotel logistics systems to mobile service staff

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Emergency Evacuation

Carry out targeted evacuation of buildings with individual segmentation, e.g. in a fire or bomb scare

Ensure the Safety of Your Guests at All Times

Raise silent alarms and evacuate buildings by sectors

Safe and protected – this is how you want to feel to enjoy your stay at any hotel or resort. Therefore, ensuring the safety, protection and well-being of its guests and visitors is the core mandate of any hotel operation.

When a fire or other critical situation causes a threat to guests, visitors and the staff of a hotel, it is vital to bring everyone to safety quickly in a calm, controlled and level-headed manner. And yet it is especially crisis situations like these that often cause stress and uncertainty in staff members, especially when they find themselves responsible for what can be rather complex emergency rescue operations but lack the necessary routine that is acquired best through regular drills and training.

An efficient and powerful system supporting the entire alarm, alerting and evacuation processes can defuse these critical situations in a discrete way, and empowers all persons in charge to confidently perform the necessary security and safety measures and respond professionally to an emergency.

Our Solution

To ensure that everyone is brought to safety quickly in a threat situation and to accomplish this calmly, reliably and in a controlled way, you can preconfigure in DAKS so-called "silent alarms" but also elevator alarms and scenarios where the different areas of a building are evacuated individually and by sectors.

Nobody gets hurt — nobody gets left behind

In large edifices, the "silent alarms" ensure that every single person is reached in his/her room and properly secured. In this process and in addition to the sirens along the halls and corridors, DAKS warns all hotel guests at their room and suite telephones. Voice messages tell guests to evacuate the building and the specific route to take.

This makes it possible to optimally verify and monitor the persons that were successfully reached by DAKS and the persons that were not. Based on the alarm calls that remained unanswered, the security staff can ascertain where and how much immediate action must still be taken, establish how many helpers are required and identify all rooms where persons may need special assistance to be brought to safety.

Here, the rescue workers, ideally all equipped with headsets, are switched together in a telephone conference with the responsible manager so that important information on the progress of the evacuation operation is constantly communicated and updated. Especially when connectivity losses are suffered – e.g. because of radio shadows behind steel-reinforced concrete slabs or metal doors - DAKS continually and independently re-establishes the conference and maintains the communication. Security staff and rescue workers can focus their full attention on saving the hotel guests.

Full control and order during evacuations

By applying a segmentation between the alarm and the evacuation processes, you can specifically and in a targeted way respond to both specific emergency situations and the exact sites where a dangers exists, avoiding potential congestions and panic while clearing a building. For this purpose, the individual areas of the building are mapped in DAKS on the basis of the given stories and fire compartments.

When a building or fire alarm goes off, DAKS takes the corresponding alarm signal directly from the fire detection system and at once facilitates the controlled clearing of the area that is immediately at risk, using specifically focused voice announcements. Guests obtain vital information through the built-in loudspeakers, telling them how to react and the rescue route to take. The guests in the remaining sectors of the building that are also vulnerable are routed similarly through voice announcements that are played by DAKS in a particular sequence to lead everyone to safety along the respective escape routes. In addition, DAKS facilitates the evacuation process by sending controlling signals to emergency escape doors and elevators.

Safe action in moments of crisis — efficient prevention in everyday routines

Backed up by careful preliminary analyses, DAKS also ensures that many hazardous situations are not caused at all or do not escalate. For example, it immediately signals when important access points are left open, e.g. personnel doors that could give unauthorized persons access to the building, and forwards alarms to the technical services as soon as it detects a malfunction in the building technology or fire detection system.

In addition, receptionists can hit a panic button at the reception desk when facing a threat situation in the lobby area. When this button is activated, DAKS automatically sets off preconfigured functions to instantly and effectively alert and mobilize every responder and helper that is needed to the incident, for example but not limited to in-house security staff, rescue services and the police.

Your Benefits

To be best prepared for an emergency and to be empowered to practice the corresponding scenarios on a regular basis - this presents one of the central advantages when working with DAKS! Because it is no secret that when it comes to sensitive and hazardous situations, a professional preparation, training, organization and automation of the information, alarm and evacuation processes averts stress-induced errors otherwise capable of causing both grave consequences and serious escalations.

Whenever an alarm goes off, DAKS is your reliable partner operating in the background to independently and automatically handle a multitude of highly urgent tasks, fully dependable and all at the same time. The option to confirm alarms and the ability of DAKS to automatically switch everybody together in an emergency telephone conferences warrants that you have at all times a clear overview of all processes, all of which are naturally and fully logged.

  • Through drills and trainings your employees are best prepared for any emergency.
  • Your staff is empowered to assure guests and react with confidence in a fast and controlled manner.
  • Guests are brought to safety quickly, efficiently and reliably.
  • Errors, escalation and panic is avoided to the greatest possible extent.
  • Complex evacuations processes are simplified and accelerated.
  • The safety, security and reputation of your overall business increases.

Moreover, DAKS helps cut the total cost of ownership by seamlessly integrating your already existing IT and telecommunications infrastructure and by reliably handling the wide spectrum of different communications tasks, both in your everyday hotel routines and in emergency situations. The implementation of effective procedures increases the quality of your services and the safety of all.

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