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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Create Smart and Continuous IoT Workflows

Route Data from IoT to the Right People, Easily and Reliably

In the world of IoT (Internet of Things), machines, sensors and other devices can be networked virtually and physically. The resulting "digital nervous system" can help to make processes more tangible and automated, to optimize costs and to increase customer satisfaction. For companies, IoT represents an enormous technological advantage with almost infinite possibilities.

Due to process automation and increasingly smart and networked machines, the flood of big data is becoming ever greater and must now be brought to the decision-maker in a meaningful way. Every step into the networked world of nodes may still lead into nowhere when an important message does not reach the responsible person in time. The DAKS alarm server makes it possible to take the progress made by IoT into communication.

The Solution With DAKS

At RelishFresh, IoT is omnipresent
The food company RelishFresh works smart: all refrigerators and stock inventories are monitored via sensors. For example, if the temperature in one of the refrigerators cooling perishable food exceeds or falls below a certain value, an alarm is automatically triggered and the responsible employees are contacted via text message.
But what if none of the responsible employees can be reached?
From time to time, however, it happens that employees are already busy with other important tasks and do not notice the incoming message in time. Just recently, when none of the employees could be on site in time, a defective refrigerator was noticed too late and some food had to be disposed of. To avoid this in the future, RelishFresh wants to adapt its IoT workflow so that important alerts no longer go unnoticed.
DAKS provides for secure accessibility
With the DAKS alarm server, important alarms triggered by sensors can now be sent directly to the responsible people via a phone call. DAKS calls employees until someone confirms to take care of the error message. If no such confirmation is made, the alarm is escalated to the store manager and ongoing phone calls are interrupted for the important alarm. The person in charge is informed in any case – even if they are in a meeting or have set their phone to "do not disturb".
The workflow is adapted via Node-RED
ICT supervisor Derek is responsible for implementing this solution at RelishFresh. Thanks to the DAKS-IoT extension, he can use the graphical IoT interface Node-RED for the implementation. He has downloaded the appropriate DAKS nodes from the Node-RED repository and can now easily link them to the sensor nodes via drag & drop to create a continuous workflow.
The food company wants to optimize its processes even further with IoT
Thanks to DAKS-IoT, Derek is flexible and can also optimize other processes for the company by also automating the communication component. With new developments, such as the acquisition of new smart sensors, he can also immediately connect actions from the new sensors to his DAKS communication workflows without having to develop special interfaces first.

Your Benefit

More security and efficiency for those responsible
  • Secured accessibility: DAKS makes sure that no alarm goes unanswered. Messages from sensors reliably reach a responsible person.
  • Reduced waste of goods: Timely action on alarms can save food.
  • Investment protection: Once DAKS is connected, existing systems and workflows can be easily connected via Node-RED.
More convenience in the inclusion of new developments
  • Companies do not have to wait for an update for DAKS, but can connect new IoT components directly to DAKS workflows via the flexible IoT platform Node-RED.
  • IoT developers can connect existing sensors, machines and other electronics to DAKS via Node-RED, creating precise automated communication workflows.

Components Used

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Create Smart and Continuous IoT Workflows

Route Data from IoT to the Right People, Easily and Reliably

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