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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Smart Query Management

Filter incoming calls at the service number and insert selective playback of latest info announcements

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Swift Fault Management

When fault reports are received, notify responsible on-call service teams at the push of a button

Remedy Malfunctions Immediately

Alert the right on-call services to urgent malfunctions at the push of a single button

Construction work, extreme weather conditions but also other failures or breakdowns can lead to disruptions in the power supply network. To ensure reliable supply of electricity, gas and district heating to customs and citizens alike, it is in the very interest of any network provider to remedy such incidents as fast as possible.

Of course valuable time is sadly lost when a fault message is received over the phone or via a control system and the first thing that needs to be done is to start a tedious search in order to find the right technician to this location and incident, particularly when those in charge also need to find out whether or not this technician is available just now. When dealing with a disruption in the gas network for example, the issue at stake is really not just one of supply but one that poses a potential real danger as well.

Our Solution

The key to quick and accurate responses to malfunctions and errors lies in the optimal organizational and technical preparation to such an event, as well as in the reliable automation of all recurrent communications processes that it entails.

With DAKS, all key workflows and contact details are stored in advance in such a way that the responsibilities, skills and know-how, shifts and working hours, as well as the different phone numbers of every specialist person are recorded. Optionally, technicians can also use their own handsets to login or logoff to/from DAKS as needed, depending on whether they are signing in for regular on-call service, signing off, or reporting that they are unavailable for other reasons

In practice this means that all members of a control center operate with a choice of predefined types of malfunctions, all of which are shown on their control panel. As soon as one confirms such an incident, DAKS triggers the automated alerting process. Thus at the push of a single button, DAKS calls or sends text messages to alert in parallel, i.e. all at the same time, every technician that is needed to the situation, that is available just now and whose know-how matches the incident, and connects them e.g. directly with the control center. The entire process can be followed and monitored on the screen and is of course fully logged.

If wanted, DAKS can accept certain technical error messages also directly, e.g. error messages that are sent from sensors and transmitted via control systems. Here, DAKS will activate the on-call services immediately and autonomously, without the interposition of any persons.

Your Benefits

Be it a breakdown at an energy customer or a technical hitch at the utilities company — DAKS accepts all types of messages and automates the ensuing processes and workflows. This not only reduces the workload on your personnel, it also simplifies recurring processes and tasks, minimizes human errors and accelerates the overall processing of incidents.

It also promotes the swift, efficient and reliable remedy of disruptions and increases overall productivity, making the solution by DAKS exceptionally cost-effective.

  • The workload on your staff is reduced.
  • Recurring processes and repetitive tasks are automated and simplified.
  • The overall case handling time is accelerated.
  • Malfunctions are remedied faster, more efficiently and more reliably.
  • Cost is obviously saved.
  • The overall attractiveness of e.g. the energy utilities provider to customers increases.

Components Used

SMS dispatch
Connection to Control System
e.g. via ESPA-X interface w/ add-on function for control systems
optional: Visual process control support at the control station with configurable user interfaces

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