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tetronik at the Hannover Industrial Fair 2019 - Industry 4.0
Germany moves into a new era. Digitization is no longer just a buzzword. While a few years ago industry reacted rather cautiously to the Digitalization trend and concentrated entirely on production, the Digitalization of processes in the area of maintenance and service has now virtually exploded.

Medolution at the Perspective Telemedicine Symposium supported by DAKS
The results of the European research project Medolution (Medical Care Evolution) will be presented at the symposium Perspective Telemedicine at Hanover Medical School on 13 March 2019. Medolution focuses on the development of telemonitoring systems for artificial hearts. An intelligent management...

Vorbeugender Brandschutz mit AVIOTEC und DAKS
At FeuerTrutz 2019, tetronik and Bosch set a milestone in preventive fire protection.The FeuerTrutz is the leading trade fair for the European area around the topic 'Preventive Fire Protection' and could record a very high number of visitors again this year.

Effective fire protection: Connecting fire alarm systems to DAKSeco
There's a fire! The fire alarm system issues an alarm. Sirens howl, lights flash. Everybody should know what to do now. Should...  But in reality there is often a lack of practice, people get into stress, mistakes happen, reaction times are delayed, panic situations occur, e.g. when using...

Go to DAKS in the press: Telecom Handel issue 1-2/19
In its current issue, Telecom Handel, the trade journal for telecommunications, estimates the prospects for the alarm server market to be extremely favourable. The reason for this is the digital revolution:  "Especially in the months and years to come, in which more and more companies...