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'DAKS hilft helfen' - Weihnachtsspende
DAKS helps to help! The tradition is being continued: This year again we wish to reach out a helping hand to others, making you and us a gift of inner joy.

Application module 'Broadcasting / Alerting' brings DAKS to life
At the end of this year's series of articles "DAKS Module of the Month" we have arrived at the heart of all DAKS modules: The application module "Broadcasts / Alerting" really brings DAKS to life and provides DAKS users all over the world and from all industries with individualized, effective...

DAKSpro Applikationsmodul des Monats 'Gateway' verbindet Kommunikationswelten
Larger companies or institutions often use separate, independent communications networks that are not connected to the normal telephone system and therefore have no connection to the public telecommunications network.

Celebrating 60 years of tetronik
60 years of tetronik – 25 years of DAKS – over 7,000 customer installations worldwide! Thousands of enthusiastic customers are behind this great success story. That is why we would like to take this joyous occasion as an opportunity to say 'thank you' with a big anniversary campaign. As part of...
Intelligent Calling filters calls and treats them individually
Automated announcements relieve hotline staff of a lot of work. Among other things, because repetitive information can be passed on to callers before the call is put through. However, if callers have to dial the hotline number very often, listening to the same message over and over can be quite...