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tetronik at the Enterprise Connect 2018
From 12 to 14 March, tetronik supported our partners at the Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida.

DAKS-Modul des Monats 'DAKS Customized Operator'
Our DAKS Module of the Month* of March is called DAKS Customized Operator. Watch our new video to see how graphically designed user interfaces with visual selection options help to trigger important processes in stressful situations in a particularly intuitive, simple and efficient way.

DAKS-Modul des Monats 'DAKS Customized Operator'
Imagine... sitting in the central control room of a large shopping mall. Around you: several screens, ringing phones, flashing lights. Suddenly an alarm message arrives: At the barbecue restaurant in the groundfloor a kitchen device is burning. What are your tasks now?

Info telephone
Laptops, tablets, smartphones - since the Internet has become more and more mobile, many people use it daily for communication and information retrieval. We google or talk to virtual ladies named Siri, Alexa and the like. We call up company websites to find out about offers, company philosophy and...

Last week we introduced our DAKS module of the month of February 'Info Telephone' and promised to inspire you further concerning the many application possibilities of this module for DAKS-Pro.So, as promised, enjoy these four inspiring mini stories from such diverse sectors as industry,...