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Alert via PA system


DAKS-AudioConnect connects your telephone world for example with an PA infrastructure or loudspeaker systems. For example, you can output prepared announcements or live announcements directly to PA loudspeaker systems via your telephone.

In many cases, this enables you to reach a large number of people simultaneously with just one call – for example, to quickly and efficiently evacuate a building in case of a major incident (e.g. fire). Campus operators and transport companies also use this functionality – the latter to play back current announcements or general information via the loudspeakers of selected stops in a process-controlled and individual manner.

DAKS-AudioConnect therefore offers you the ability to use processes stored in DAKS for extended deployment scenarios. More complex scenarios can be implemented customer-specifically via a convenient browser-based user interface.



  • Enhancement of existing DAKS-Pro systems by adding remote and spatially distributed DAKS-AudioConnect systems via TCP/IP connections
  • Registration to DAKS-Pro as 1-channel SIP phones (2-channel connection already in preparation)
  • Based on the hardware platform DAKS 100
  • Voice codec: G.711 A-law (µ-Law already in preparation)
  • Administration and servicing via LAN using the virtual configuration tool DAKS-VCON
  • Optional SNMP agent to send error reports and fault messages to an SNMP manager
  • Dimensions 165mm x 105mm x 30mm
  • Upgradable: Realization of a comfortable and user-friendly browser-based user interface to control and process complex sequence and activation scenarios on a highly individual and customer-specific basis.

Operating mode 'PA-Interface'

  1. Called like any other phone
  2. Activates connected PA systems (= public address / electroacoustic systems) with 1, 2 or 8 PA / electroacoustic circuits via contact, and evaluates standby and/or activation ACKs received via contact inputs (if supported by PA / electroacoustic system)
  3. Transmits voice data (RTP) from a VoIP network to the PA system via audio interface

Additional operating modes

'Door/Gate/Elevator/Amok Intercom Alarm Call Station'

  • Alarm buttons to call an alarm server and for selective calling definitions
  • Hands-free speaking with mute function, or playback of internally stored speech recordings
  • Requires special intercom housing – can be tailor-fit to customer order

'Radio monitoring'

  • Monitor up to 3 different audio signals (e.g. radio signals), with adjustable mixing ratio
  • * requires special hardware with keys, loudspeakers and LEDs, as well as DAKS as a voice server