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DAKS distributes alarms and other notifications from diverse sources to the DAKScommunicator devices in a fully reliable and highly targeted way. This enables employees to move about freely while being genuinely assured that they will immediately receive any relevant information. Thus they can be involved in multiple processes at the same time, without having to be physically located at a particular position.

With DAKScommunicator, employees are empowered to detect detailed alarms. This important information allows them to evaluate priorities, determine the necessary steps that need to be taken and respond accordingly, or forward the tasks without any delay. Because it is worn directly the body and successfully designed for easy and intuitive hands-free operation, DAKScommunicator genuinely supports an uninterrupted workflow. This enables staff to work more confidently, reassured, with highest focus and alertness.

DAKScommunicator is designed and optimized to best possible mobile workflows with audio, messaging and voice communication, meeting even the strictest company and business requirements when it comes to usability, availability, sturdiness and dealing with sensitive data.

Typical Areas of Application