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Intelligent and Secure Alarm-Server/Smartphone Communication

With the extension 'DAKS-Smartphone-Access' for DAKS-Pro, you can actively integrate standard smartphones (Android 4.x and above or Apple iOS 7 and above) into your existing DAKS alerting and communications processes.

The connection between smartphones and DAKS is encrypted and monitored at all times, which enables a comprehensive risk management.

Typical Areas of Application


DAKS-Smartphone-Access is based on these three essential basic components

Controller Software

On the DAKS-Pro server

Smartphone Access Gateway

Usually configured via LAN on a proxy server in the DMZ of the corporate network


Available in the app stores as a free download, to be installed locally on the smartphones


  • Intelligent news management with cyclical information of the user when the server is not available
  • Message sending with variable priorities as well as different alarm tone signals
  • Message sending also in parallel to already ongoing phone calls, as text messages (SMS)
  • Communication also during ongoing telephone calls (for 3G/4G also Wi-Fi communications)
  • Positioning (throughout the home wireless LAN; Visited Station incl. field strength) and status comparison in the background
  • Alarm confirmation from DAKS-Pro to the Mobile Client
  • Acoustic positioning aid, to locate distressed people quicker on location
  • Large emergency button to set off deliberate alarm calls by hand
  • Automatic History function (locally accessible)
  • Automatic alarms (via positioning sensors) in preparation