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DAKSpro - Produkttitel
Multi-platform messaging with DAKSpro

Supported protocols and media

E-Mail, SMS, radio modem / SMPP, DAKS Mobile Client, Unify OpenScape, Unify WL3 / OAP, Cisco Messaging, Mitel OM-AXI, u.v.m.

DAKSpro Application Module

The growing spectrum of communications media and channels frequently challenge us – especially when it comes to messages that need to reach many recipients who all use different target media. DAKS overcomes these obstacles and distributes your messages reliably along different communications channels and media.

Notifier-Pro is a convenient and intuitive messaging user interface. It enables you to use DAKS to reach many individual subscribers as well as entire groups along various media – with one single message!

Info Material
DAKS application Notifier-Pro product info flyer
Product Info Flyer
The Application 'Notifier-Pro' can be ordered for DAKSpro.
Multi-Platform Messaging with DAKSpro
Product video
DAKSpro Application Modules
Reihe 1
Targeted alerting and notification with various media and communications devices
Decide as a team, arrive better informed and bring more qualified help
24/7 quick reachability through personal calls and group calls
Protect staff at mobile working places with potential dangers
Organize on-call services easily and reliably for maximum availability
Reihe 2
Update everybody at the same time with the latest messages
Multi platform-messaging with DAKS — user-friendly, reliable, flexible
Filter calls and process calls separately using whitelists
Integrate already existing communications networks and make network-to-network calls
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