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DAKS for alarm communication
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Digitaler Alarm- und Kommunikations-Server

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Digital Alarm and Communication Server

Was ist DAKS?
Effektiv und sicher arbeiten durch automatisierte Kommunikationsprozesse
Work effectively and safely
through automated communication processes

DAKS can be used for a variety of purposes - in emergencies, for exercises and for everyday communication tasks.
Let yourself be inspired by numerous application examples from different areas!

DAKS is available for your requirements in various high-performance product variants and server platforms.

Das DAKS-Portfolio mit 3 Hardware-Plattformen
DAKS Auswahl - DAKSeco-Star
Standard applications
Special applications

Optimal for standard applications, e.g. ...

  1. Connecting fire alarm systems
  2. Connecting nurse call systems
  3. Connecting building control systems
  4. First aid workflow for industrial accidents

Extended applications beyond standard

The basis for project-specific special applications


Medical device, optimized for communication processes in the clinic environment

Connect Them All
Lösungen mit DAKS
Popular Solutions With DAKS
DAKS-PNA sichert Einzelarbeitsplätze
Safe at the lone workplace
DAKS-PNA is a DGUV-compliant package as a personal emergency signal system and secures persons working alone at workplaces with potential hazards.
DIe DAKS Smartphone-App
Alarm via Smartphone
With 'DAKS-Mobile Client' for DAKS-Pro, smartphones can be integrated into DAKS alerting and communication processes.
DAKSmed wird auf Intensivstationen eingesetzt
Increases efficiency
The medical device distributes targeted alarm messages and thus optimizes both the clinical workflow and patient care.
Software Extensions
Leichter Bedienen mit DAKS-Customized Operator
Overview instead of overload
Visualize and control your alarm processes vividly with customized user interfaces.
DAKS-Desktop Client werden oft in Behörden eingesetzt
Emergency? Click!
Send an alarm from your desktop to inform colleagues in neighboring offices, in the security service or control center about an emergency situation and get quick help.
DAKS-Mail2Phone wandelt Emails in Anrufe um
Status messages on the move
Can a mobile employee receive error messages by e-mail or even notice them in time?
Hardware Extensions
DAKS-AudioConnect gibt Alarme über ELA aus
Alarms via PA
Play prepared announcements or live announcements directly from your phone to PA systems.
DAKScommunicator unterstützt mobile Workflows
Enables mobile workflows
Recognize various alarms, assess priorities and need for action and react accordingly or forward tasks.
DAKS-Satellite  überbrückt Distanzen
Bridge distances
Connect remote peripherals with serial interfaces and contact inputs to centralized DAKS systems via LAN.
The Original
Over 20 years ago, we laid the foundation for today's alarm server technology with DAKS. Today, DAKS not only constitutes the state-of-the art alarm server, it also embodies a server technology maturity that can only be found from the manufacturer with the longest experience in the market.
Made in Germany
For almost 60 years, tetronik has developed highly-specialized solutions that meet the most demanding customer requirements to get the most complex jobs done. We place uncompromising quality demands on our products that are all made in Germany, at our own high-end manufactory.
Our customers know and value this fundamental tetronik principle: Just like all other developments, DAKS is perfection in every detail. This is why DAKS is today's sophisticated benchmark product that meets highest demands and sets new standards - simply tetronik-like!