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Personal Alarm Signal System pursuant to DGUV-112-139

Personal Alarm Systems (PNA) that are in keeping with the DIN V VDE V 0825-1 are systems that activate and transmit both deliberate and automatic alarm signals in emergency situations. They ensure the protection of persons who work alone at hazardous workplaces, and they do so in full conformity with the German DGUV-112-139.

Occupational safety is subject to strict statutory regulation. Employees who work on their own (i.e. out of the hearing and sight of others) and whose tasks expose them to potential hazards need particular protection.

The accident-prevention regulation DGUV-112-139 (formerly BGR/GUV-R 139) provides helpful insight on the monitoring of these single workplaces through Personal Alarm Systems (German short: PNA) and in full compliance with the pertinent statutory provisions.


Together with its applied components, DAKS-PNA not only constitutes a Personal Alarm System (PNA) that is officially certified by the German employer's liability insurance association and type testing pursuant to DIN VDE V 0825-1, it also warrants personal security that is in full compliance with the DGUV-112-139 regulation.

We are proud that our system has successfully passed all appropriate examinations and tests and is fully certified by the German employer's liability insurance association. The official entry can be found on the pages of the DGUV Test under the search key "Personen-Notsignal-Anlage" (German for Personal Alarm System).

Excerpt from DGUV Regulation 1 ("Accident Prevention Regulation") of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV)

Section 8 — Hazardous tasks
(2) If a hazardous task is performed by one person on their own, the employer shall ensure suitable technical or organisational personal protection measures are in place, in addition to the general protection measures.

Typical Areas of Application


The components of the DAKS Personal Alarm System (type designation: DAKS-PNA P8M3)


Emergency Call Response Center (PNEZ) pursuant to DGUV rule No. 112-139

HiPath 4000 V6 or OpenScape 4000 V7/V8 w/ Cordless E or OpenScape Cordless Enterprise

Personal Alarm System infrastructure pursuant to DGUV rule No. 112-139

OpenStage M3 Plus or OpenStage M3 Ex Plus

Personal Alarm Signal Devices with speech (PNG-S) pursuant to DGUV rule No. 112-139


General Functions

  • Mandatory function test prior to each monitoring process
  • Emergency call function via dedicated alarm button
  • Verification of the proper return location

Alarm Types

  • No-movement alarm (with pre-alarm)
  • No-longer-upright alarm (with pre-alarm)
  • Escape alarm upon sudden hectic movement (with pre-alarm)
  • Tear-off alarm via pull-cord (with pre-alarm)
  • Time-dependent alarm (with pre-alarm)
  • Technical alarm upon loss of radio connection (with server or device)
  • Technical alarm when battery runs low
  • Automatic alarm when maximum personal protection time is exceeded


  • Channel reservation for Emergency Call Response Center (PNEZ) functions
  • Up to 150 personal security protections in parallel
  • Non-interpretive positioning with visualization of the computed location results

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