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DAKSpro - Produkttitel EN
DAKSpro Alarmserver

Flexible and powerful –
the proven solution for highest demands


Optimize processes and automate communication

DAKSpro brings the right helpers to the scene faster and with better information. DAKSpro automates alerting, e.g. in the event of emergency calls or incidents, supports crisis communication and optimizes day-to-day business processes in virtually all industries. DAKSpro can be used with a wide variety of technical environments, systems, communication platforms and end devices.

DAKSpro - Hardware-Plattformen EN
DAKSpro 200
alarm server platform
  1. 5 - 30 parallel channels
  2. 2 serial ports + expandable I/O contacts
DAKSpro 300
alarm server platform
  1. 5 - 480 parallel channels
  2. Up to 8 serial ports + expandable I/O contacts and other interfaces
  3. Optionally with hardware monitoring card
DAKSpro 400
alarm server platform
  1. 5 - 500 parallel channels (fully encryptable)
  2. 4 serial ports + expandable I/O contacts and other interfaces
  3. State-of-the-art processor architecture
  4. Maximum data and functional security
DAKSpro als VMware EN
NEW: DAKSpro as VMware (vDAKS)
Virtualized alarm server platform

Hosted in your company's own IT infrastructure or centralized in a data center.

Flexibly expandable via DAKS-Satellite and DAKS-IoT or as a smart hybrid solution in conjunction with a local hardware DAKS for maximum redundancy and reliability.

DAKSpro - Portfolio EN
DAKSpro Portfolio-Schema
DAKSpro Portfolio

Flexibly combine and integrate

DAKSpro is available on three different high-performance hardware platforms. In addition, the DAKSpro software can be operated as VMware (vDAKS) in virtual environments.
With a variety of functions, applications and extensions, DAKSpro can be used to implement customized and highly complex scenarios.

DAKSpro Dokumente EN
Product Documents
DAKSpro product info flyer
DAKSpro V9.10
Product Info Flyer
DAKSpro data sheet
DAKSpro V9.10
Data Sheet
DAKSpro data sheet
DAKSpro V9.10
DAKSpro Application Modules
Reihe 1
Targeted alerting and notification with various media and communications devices
Decide as a team, arrive better informed and bring more qualified help
24/7 quick reachability through personal calls and group calls
Protect staff at mobile working places with potential dangers
Organize on-call services easily and reliably for maximum availability
Reihe 2
Update everybody at the same time with the latest messages
Multi platform-messaging with DAKS — user-friendly, reliable, flexible
Filter calls and process calls separately using whitelists
Integrate already existing communications networks and make network-to-network calls
More About the DAKS Modules
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