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Unsere Kultur
Our Culture

At tetronik, we focus on people.
This is the basis of our products and is also reflected in the working lives of our employees.

Our products are about protecting people, helping the helpers and relieving the pressure on those responsible. We make sure that critical processes can be carried out more intuitively and thus reduce the number of errors. We enable those seeking help to reach the right helpers directly and to bring them to the place of action with comprehensive information. We create the conditions for the design of flexible and less stressful workflows and make employees more mobile.

Slide Digitalisierung

In the course of digitalization in the various industries, we provide a highly integratable 'machine – human' interface that transfers all data securely, reliably and purposefully to the authority that still has to make responsible decisions: The human being.

Slide Green IT

At tetronik, we live the concept of 'Green IT': Not only are our products characterized by extraordinary durability and low energy consumption – many of our employees come to work by bicycle, in wind and weather and literally over hill and dale.

Slide Familie

The so-called 'tetronikers' see themselves as a kind of "family" and also cultivate social interaction. The families of the individual employees are always included. Open doors, mutual exchange and skill development are among the keys to our competence.

Slide DAKS-Fans
The DAKS Force

Our employees are staunch DAKS fans and work together to further advance the DAKS mission. Each department and each personality contributes in a unique way.

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