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DAKS Mobile Client - Produkttitel
DAKS Mobile Client: Alarmierung per Smartphone

Precise DAKS Process Control with Node-RED


DAKS-IoT offers the possibility to navigate DAKS processes in a precise and clearly visualized manner via the flow-based programming tool 'Node-RED', which is widely used in the IoT environment. As a result, a wide variety of protocols can be implemented quickly and easily with DAKS and without any additional development effort. In addition to this plus in flexibility, Node-RED offers additional intelligence and more differentiated control options.

DAKS-IoT - Beschreibung Teil 2 (Mehr Flexibilität)
More Flexibility
  1. Flexible application options: Combine third-party nodes and protocols with DAKS nodes for a wide variety of use cases.
  2. Flexible workflows: Process data individually and precisely by breaking it down into individual data records.
  3. Flexible contact connections: DAKS processes can also be started via Wago or other contacts in addition to tetronik contact modules
DAKS-IoT - tetronik Nodes
DAKS Mobile Client Kacheloberfläche für eine intuitive und flexible Bedienung
tetronik Nodes
  1. Event-ID-Node: Identification and referencing of input events
  2. ESPA-X-Node: Process queueing and activation
  3. ESPA-X Process-Nodes: Control for start, stop and logout
  4. Process-Evaluation-Node: Control of post-processing/further processing
  5. String-to-Array-with-Filter-Node: Splitting of incoming data strings into many individual variables
  6. Logging-Nodes: Logging and monitoring of process flows
DAKS-IoT - Weitere Leistungsmerkmale
Other Features
  1. Based on KUNBUS Revolution Pi (top-hat rail mounting)
  2. Web interface for the configuration of the KUNBUS Revolution Pi and the Node-RED system environment and management
  3. Protocol Simulator for simulating external host systems / IoT components to DAKS-IoT / a DAKS-server and for evaluating logs
  4. Combination with a wide range of standard and third-party nodes, including: Dashboard, Modbus-TCP, Ping, OPC-UA, EIB/Konnex (known as KNX), TCP/UDP socket, MQTT, BACnet, SNMP, various logical operators, time limit nodes, Syslog, SMTP, various databases (including MySQL)

Combination of nodes enables e.g.

  1. connect host systems
  2. split data sets into individual events
  3. create / manipulate variables and texts
  4. evaluate times of day, weeks, holidays and measured values
  5. set up delays between activations
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DAKS Mobile Client Produktinfo-Flyer
Product Info Flyer
DAKS Mobile Client Produktinfo-Flyer
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Smart Alerting in IoT Environments
Titel Einsatzbereiche
DAKS-IoT Areas of Use
DAKS-IoT in Healthcare

Schwesternrufe aus Rufsystemen an mobiles Pflegepersonal leiten

Schwesternrufe aus Rufsystemen an mobiles Pflegepersonal leiten

Tethering of sensors typical for care (e.g. fall mats)
Various sensors in the care environment ensure that patients receive quick help even if they are unable to call for help themselves. With the DAKS software extension DAKS-IoT, sensors of all kinds can be easily coupled to DAKS and trigger customized help processes.

in Healthcare
DAKS-IoT in manufacturing

Auf Störungen bei den Produktionsanlagen schnell und effektiv reagieren

Auf Störungen bei den Produktionsanlagen schnell und effektiv reagieren

Fast and easy connection of various IoT/network interfaces
More and more machines are becoming "smart": various sensors enable them to be monitored. In the event of a malfunction, the relevant sensor values are supplied directly in the alarm message with DAKS-IoT. This way, technicians know what kind of problem they are dealing with before they even get to the scene, and can arrive better prepared and equipped.

in manufacturing
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DAKS-IoT in Healthcare
DAKS-IoT in Healthcare
DAKS-IoT in manufacturing
DAKS-IoT in manufacturing
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