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Tailor-made user interfaces to best answer to complex alarm scenarios

DAKS Customized Operator

Visualize alerting processes

In an emergency situation, you need to competently master an array of different tasks and alert many different target individuals within a minimum of time and under tremendous pressure.

To prevent possible stress-induced errors with harmful consequences, it is essential that in situations like these key processes be triggered in a highly intuitive, straightforward and genuinely efficient way.

With the DAKS Customized Operator (DCO) extension for DAKS-Pro, you can design your individual user interface and thus visualize and simulate alarm processes in a vivid way.

Through the graphic representation of alarm processes, help your employees to intuitively and reliably start the right alarms under any circumstance.

 Design alarm scenarios

... using style elements including edit fields, checkboxes, site maps, buttons and many other features.

 React intuitively in emergencies

... and start even large-scale alerting processes quickly and effectively.

 Adjust and modify

... your alarm processes easily to new or changed needs.

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