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Software Assurance (SWA) for DAKS

With the new versions DAKSpro V9 and DAKSeco 200 V3, a new, improved maintenance model with Software Assurance ("SWA") has been introduced, replacing the previous "Update Protection Key". To facilitate the entry into Software Assurance, we offer our customers one year Software Assurance free of charge from the date of delivery.  

This means for you: Lower costs, better budgeting, reliable planning and always the latest DAKS version at your fingertips!

SWA Spargrafik EN

Saving example: Software Assurance compared to individual upgrade costs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the new DAKS Software Assurance

What does the SWA package include?

The SWA includes functional patches, security patches, minor software updates and major software upgrades (unlike the previous Update Protection Key, which did not include major software upgrades – but legacy contracts remain valid).

What does the SWA package cost?

Until further notice, you will receive the SWA for the first 12 months from tetronik delivery date without charge (0,00 €). After that, the SWA will cost 8% per year of the total value of the DAKS software/licenses.

How do I determine the SWA annual fee?

Since DAKS is usually ordered with differing applications, each SWA must be determined individually. The price per year for the SWA is 8% of the SW list price.

To determine the relevant SW list price as a basis for the SWA, you can enter the DAKS serial number in the partner area of the tetronik website (under 'My tetronik'). Your DAKS inventory data will be retrieved automatically and sent to you by e-mail. 

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How can I purchase the SWA?

The SWA can be purchased in conjunction with a new DAKS system or an upgrade. If the DAKS system is in the current version, the SWA can also be ordered at a later date. Prerequisite for the activation of the SWA is the end customer and site registration of the corresponding DAKS server.

Does the SWA term extend automatically?

No, the SWA does not automatically extend. The SWA can be paid either annually or the full amount in advance. For annual payment, we proactively send the invoice to the partner at the beginning of each 12-month period.

Does the annual fee reduce with a longer SWA term?

The price per year for SWA is 8% of the SW list price. If you order at least 5 years of SWA with advance payment of the total amount, the price is reduced to 7.5% of the SW list price. The SWA can be ordered max. 7 times, i.e. for a total of 8 years.

In the introductory phase of DAKSpro V9, the SWA is free of charge for the first 12 months after delivery of a new system or upgrade.

What happens in case of an extension of the SW licenses if there is an existing SWA?

In the case of an existing SWA, the SWA for new extensions is also offered.

How can the SWA be terminated?

Cancellation is not possible, but also not necessary, as the term is not automatically extended.

Do I have a choice between Update Protection Key oder SWA?

At this time and for the current DAKS version the SWA replaces the previous Update Protection Key.

Can my existing Update Protection Key be converted to a SWA?

A purchased Update Protection Key, which is still valid for at least 1 year, can be converted into a SWA. For each order, one existing Update Protection Key term (1 year) can be counted towards 1 year of SWA if the term has not yet expired (i.e. it must be completely in the future). Prerequisite is an end user and site registration.

Does the SWA package include support? 

No, but the SWA package can be combined with a 3rd level remote support contract by tetronik GmbH (recommended). The 3rd level remote support is calculated per year with 6% of the total value of the DAKS software/licenses. The purchase of the SWA is a prerequisite.