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Converter from serial to LAN


The integrator DAKS-Satellite enables you to connect remote and decentral periphery with serial interfaces and digital inputs to the centralized DAKS systems, through the LAN. This makes it possible for third-party systems (e.g. fire alarm systems, fire detection systems or call systems) that are connected to DAKS-Satellite via serial connection or contact, to activate and trigger processes that are configured in DAKS. In conjunction with DAKS-Pro, DAKS-Satellite can process a multitude of additional data from remote contact modules (IOG/IOM).

In addition, DAKS-Satellite is also best suited for redundant installations to warrant the automatic switch-over between primary and secondary DAKS servers located at different sites when necessary (e.g. in an emergency). Here, there is no complex double cabling or wiring needed to both servers as DAKS-Satellite routes the payload to the central DAKS systems along the TCP/IP network. In this process, DAKS-Satellite monitors all interfaces.




DAKS-Satellite incorporates various systems from several external locations and routes the payload to a central DAKS system.

Path extender

DAKS-Satellite bridges large distances by accepting the payloads of remote of spatially separated systems and routing them to a central DAKS via the LAN.

Emergency manager

DAKS-Satellite accepts corded payloads and, in the event of an emergency situation or breakdown, redirects the payloads automatically to a redundant DAKS system via the TCP/IP network.

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  • Enhancement of existing DAKS-Pro and DAKS-Eco installations by adding distributed and detached DAKS-Satellite systems via TCP/IP connections
  • Registration to DAKS-Pro or DAKS-Eco
  • DAKS-Satellite is based on the hardware platform DAKS 100
  • Dimensions 165mm x 105mm x 30mm
  • Certification for the following countries (country codes in keeping with ISO 3166): AR, AT, BE, CA, CH, CN, CZ, DE, DK, ES, EU, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, IE, IL, IN, IT, JP, KE, MY, NL, PL, PT, SE, SI, SK, US


  • LAN interface (10/100BASE-T) for configuration and connectivity to DAKS
  • Power-over-Ethernet Class 2 in Mode A or B (IEEE 802.3af, max. 6.5 W) from the LAN switch or via PSU (PoE injector: 100…240 VAC)
  • Serial asynchronous interface RS232/RS422 (electrically isolated) for the host coupling to third-party systems (e.g. to nurse call, fire detection or building control systems), via ESPA4.4.4 or TAP protocol


  • 16 Digital inputs (fed and incl. short circuit / line break detection)
  • 8 Digital outputs (electrically isolated from all other interfaces and from each another) for system and process messages
  • 1 Relay output (max. 30 W) for system and process messages, with make and break contact