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DAKSpro Application Module
On-call Management

Often, regulated duties have to be reorganized due to short-notice changes. According to those changes, call diversions have to be constantly adapted by an operator. This often results in errors and time lags during which service employees may not be available.
DAKSpro On-Call Management enables employees themselves to directly sign in, sign out or change the device they wish to be called on, using either their phone or a web-interface. Also, rules and conditions can be predefined to keep the on-call service available at all times.

Info Material
DAKS application On-call Management product info flyer
On-call Management
Product Info Flyer
The Application 'On-call Management' can be ordered for DAKSpro.
Video DAKS application On-call Management
On-call Management
Product Video
DAKSpro Application Modules
Reihe 1
Targeted alerting and notification with various media and communications devices
Decide as a team, arrive better informed and bring more qualified help
24/7 quick reachability through personal calls and group calls
Protect staff at mobile working places with potential dangers
Organize on-call services easily and reliably for maximum availability
Reihe 2
Update everybody at the same time with the latest messages
Multi platform-messaging with DAKS — user-friendly, reliable, flexible
Filter calls and process calls separately using whitelists
Integrate already existing communications networks and make network-to-network calls
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