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Emergency communication in elevators
Self-checking Elevator Emergency Call

Complete solution with DAKSeco & Scanvest components

Self-checking Elevator Emergency Call

According to the current "Betriebssicherheitsverordnung – BetrSichV" (German Industrial Safety Ordinance) all elevators must be equipped with an emergency call control system that enables direct voice communication between the elevator and auxiliary personnel. The 'Self-checking Elevator Emergency Call' helps elevator operators to meet these and other requirements more easily.

Gesetzliche Anforderungen
German Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV)
Extract of the requirements
  1. Emergency call control system as a two-way communication system
  2. Emergency plan for each elevator system
  3. Regular testing and inspection
Extract of the requirements
  1. The elevator emergency call must be subjected to a function test at regular intervals
Scanvest VoIP elevator emergency intercom
Scanvest TCIS-2 Turbine compact

ScanDAKS from version V1.0x

VoIP elevator emergency intercom

In the elevator car: AIP33311

TCIS-2 Turbine compact

In the elevator shaft: AIP43002

  1. When the elevator emergency call button is pressed: trigger a broadcast call and establish a direct voice connection
  2. Forwarding and escalation rules ensuring a contact person is always reached and the emergency call is answered immediately
  3. Individual configuration of the call destination: e.g. reception, central control room and/or mobile staff
  4. Automation of the emergency plan mandatory for every passenger elevator, including the integration of first aid scenarios, elevator technicians, etc.
  5. Permanent monitoring of the own availability through IP technology
  6. Automatic triggering of alarm processes through error messages/SNMP traps
  7. Regular (once a day) and independent execution of an automatic emergency call simulation (patented): mechanical test of the elevator emergency call button, functional test of the microphone and automatic call of the service technician in case of a negative test result without the need for further personnel
  8. Logging of the broadcast calls triggered by errors (simulation error, SNMP trap) as well as the alarm broadcast calls triggered by the alarm button: e.g. reaction times, subscribers reached, etc.
  9. Unlimited range, location independence and easy expandability
Product Documents
Product Info Flyer Self-checking Elevator Emergency Call
Self-checking Elevator Emergency Call
Product Info Flyer
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Infektionsrisiko senken an allen Kundenkontaktstellen

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Infektionsrisiko senken an allen Kundenkontaktstellen

Infektionsrisiko senken an allen Kundenkontaktstellen

Reliably answer elevator emergency calls
Emergency calls from passenger elevators in all areas (e.g. office or administration buildings, hospitals, airports, etc.) are answered reliably and directly via a voice connection in accordance with legal requirements. Forwarding and escalation rules ensure that a responsible contact person is reached. Automatic tests of the elevator emergency call ensure that the emergency call function is guaranteed at all times without the need for personnel to carry out the test.

Self-checking Elevator
Emergency Call
in all areas
All areas
All areas
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