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DAKS-Pro/OScAR-Pro: Basic Course for Service Specialists

From Monday, 15 July 2024 -  10:00 AM
thru Friday, 19 July 2024 -  4:00 PM

Duration: 5 days

This is a course for service specialists. The course contents include the hardware of OScAR-Pro 200, 300 and 400 as well as the configuration and operation of the application 'Broadcasts/Alerting'. After completing the course, the participant will be able to install and commission OScAR-Pro 200, 300 and 400 and OScAR-Pro Satellite, administer the application 'Broadcasts/Alerting' with its extensions and set up data interfaces. Furthermore, the participant will be able to perform OScAR-Pro updates and customer briefings.

Learning Objectives

The course participant:

  • can install and commission the OScAR-Pro application package,
  • can operate the operator and administration tool of OScAR-Pro,
  • can administer the application 'Broadcasts/Alerting' and its extensions,
  • can install and commission the OScAR-Pro Satellite,
  • knows the basic serial and IP-based data interfaces on OScAR-Pro,
  • knows the security features of OScAR-Pro,
  • is able to perform OScAR-Pro updates
  • is able to perform a customer briefing.


  • The hardware of OScAR-Pro 200, 300 and 400
  • The application 'Broadcasts/Alerting'
  • The extensions for the 'Broadcasts/Alerting' application:
    • Mail-to-Phone
    • Smartphone Access
    • data import
    • various data interfaces
    • OScAR-Pro Satellite
  • Security (network security, DAKS network integration/IP ports)
  • Updates
  • Extended segment of practical exercises


For a meaningful participation in the DAKSpro/OScAR-Pro basic course for service technicians, we assume basic telecommunication knowledge (VoIP, ISDN, PBXs, soft switches, Unified Communications (UC), trunking, signaling protocols,...).

Further information

  • Participants should bring their notebooks for the practical exercises.

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Alexandra Jost

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+49 6128 963-458

DAKS Training Center
Silberbachstr. 10

If there are no English-language courses available at the moment, but you understand German, please also check our German page for current course offerings.

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