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solapsys ag

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Due to the long-standing employment relationship of managing director Hartmut Luetz-Hawranke at tetronik GmbH, the manufacturer of the DAKS/OScAR product line, we were able to develop a very close partnership with tetronik GmbH.

This partnership allows us to claim that we have the best possible DAKS/OScAR expertise in Switzerland.

Knowledge Base: ESPA-X

During his time at tetronik GmbH, our Managing Director was part of the design and development team of ESPA-X, DAKS-ESPA-X and the associated test tools.

Therefore, we also have extensive knowledge about ESPA-X and are always ready to share this knowledge with anyone interested.

We are convinced that ESPA-X offers great potential for communication between alarm systems and their peripherals (light call systems, building control systems, etc.).


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Hartmut Luetz-Hawranke

Hartmut Luetz-Hawranke

Managing Director