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An eventful summer is gradually drawing to a close and a lot has also happened at tetronik this year: There have been major innovations in both DAKS hardware and software in 2023.

In the following, we have summarized the most important ones for you!


Many important factors went into the developments.

New Hardware: DAKS-400

Probably one of the most exciting tetronik news this year: there is a new DAKS! The new hardware generation has not only undergone a visual upgrade; the new DAKS-400 also meets the highest demands for safety and is even more powerful than ever before:

Video DAKS 400 Vorschau
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  • With its new arm processor, DAKS plays in the top technology league.
  • DAKS-400 once again sets new standards in terms of performance, durability and sturdiness.
  • The level of security achieved through the combination of robustness and security features is the perfect answer to the increasing demands for (cyber) security on the market.
  • The innovative ePaper display enables even non-professionals to easily find all important data in service cases.
  • The new DAKS hardware continues to be a purely German product and proudly bears its Made-in-Germany seal.

DAKS 400 Facts

The DAKS-400 hardware features at a glance


New Software: DAKSpro Version 9.10

The new hardware platform is the ideal, state-of-the-art basis for the new DAKSpro Version 9.10. Because there is not only a new hardware, but of course also a matching new software!

These and other innovations define the new software version 9.10:

  • With DAKSpro V9.10 the proven DAKS alerting concept is now also available as a virtual edition!
    For data centers that want to take operational responsibility for the stability of the alarm server environment themselves as part of their value proposition (i.e., use their own server platform as the underpinning), DAKS is now available as a virtual vDAKS. Of course, this applies on the condition that the responsible operator of the alarm server is also aware of the associated service and support responsibility limits.

  • The new software version includes many functionalities tailored to the changed conditions since the pandemic. As an example, the Conferencing module has been greatly enhanced to provide greater protection for security-related team calls in addition to DAKS emergency conferences. This includes many advantages and convenience features of common video conferencing tools.



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innovations in detail

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New Software: DAKSeco Version 3.10

There is also a strong new software version for DAKSeco. The highlight here: The AML interface, which was previously only available with DAKSpro, is now also available for DAKSeco. As a result, the innovative usability features for alarming can finally also be used for smaller installations.

When it comes to an emergency, everything hinges on seconds. But it's not just high-performance technology that determines whether the call for help sets the predefined rescue chain in motion as quickly as possible. Individual instructions for action must also be recognized and implemented immediately, which is no easy task in a stressful situation.

Here, the alarm concept from DAKS offers support with the new UI design of the AML interface for Gigaset phones. Depending on the priority, alarms are signaled with different icons, ring tones and colors in order to signal more clearly what needs to be done. Wrong decisions can thus be avoided more easily and stress can be reduced. A clear and unambiguous information display immediately helps helpers to react correctly.


Symbols, colors, ring tones, brief description: 
Even in stressful situations, you can quickly and intuitively recognize
what needs to be done, where it needs to be done and how important it is.


Use the AML interface for the following scenario:

industrie alarme richtig priorisieren 03 thomas kuemmert sich

Prioritizing Alarms Correctly &
Processing them Effectively

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A Look Ahead: DAKS-110

Last but not least, a preview of the next few weeks: In the last quarter of 2023, another new hardware will round off our year full of product innovations. DAKS-110 will replace the previous small DAKS-100 platform and serve as another robust base for the DAKSeco software from version 3.

110er v1 front cropped WEB

With the DAKS-110, we are also meeting the demand for security and even stronger performance for the target group in the entry-level area of professional alerting. More information to follow.