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Application Examples

This is how DAKS is used

Protection against hypothermia

Secure your employees in deep-freeze warehouses in compliance with the German DGUV through an alarm button, various automatic alarm functions and localization

Aside from production machines, tanks, boilers or oxygen-deprived environments in general, also cooled areas such as deep-freeze warehouses are potentially hazardous work areas.

If employees need to do jobs in these areas on their own, the employer is obligated to provide suitable technical and organizational personal protection measures. The employers' liability insurance associations provide appropriate guidelines so that in an emergency the necessary assistance or rescue measures can be called up in good time and directed to the scene.

In cases of an increased hazard, the use of a personal emergency signal system in accordance with the German BGR 139 is recommended or, in the case of critical danger, even required. Also, it must be possible to activate the rescue chain even when the injured person is incapacitated and nobody noticed the accident.

The Solution With DAKS

Employees in low-temperature warehouses are exposed to danger
Working in cold rooms or cold stores requires special safety measures to be implemented for employees. If the body is exposed to the cold over a long period of time, frostbite of the skin or limbs and a drop in body temperature, possibly even life-threatening hypothermia, can endanger the employee. Also, icy surfaces can lead to slips and falls resulting in serious injuries.
A mobile device with sensors protects the employee
Employees in areas exposed to such cold temperatures should be protected by personal emergency signal devices (special Wi-Fi/DECT devices). The device triggers an automatic alarm, for example, if the device sensors detect that the employee is no longer in an upright position. The sensors can also detect escape, motionlessness, loss or panic and will then initiate the necessary alarm processes.
Employees are regularly prompted for confirmation
When the time alarm function is activated, the employee must indicate that he or she is conscious by acknowledging a regular pre-alarm on the personal emergency signal device. In this way the employee can also be reminded of the mandatory warm-up period. If the pre-alarm activated by the device is not confirmed, an automatic alarm sequence is activated. If the employee places the device in the charging station during the warm-up phase, the device automatically logs off from the personal emergency signal system. If the employee takes it out of the charging station to resume work, the personal security system is reactivated by the time alarm.
DAKS executes predefined alarm processes
If an alarm is triggered, DAKS will take the necessary steps to help the affected person: A broadcast call informs the pre-defined first responders or a control center about the type of alarm and where the person requesting help is located. The called helpers can check on the condition of the person concerned via voice communication with his or her terminal device and coordinate the help process accordingly in a telephone conference.
The entire alarm process is logged
With DAKS all emergency situations and exercises can be recorded in detail thanks to the complete documentation of all alarm processes. After an emergency exercise, the effectiveness of the planned emergency procedures can thus be evaluated and used as a basis for optimization. This prepares your company better for emergencies and strengthens legal security.

Your Benefits

Increase security for employees
  • Employees who have to do dangerous jobs unassistedly know that they can rely on the safe and detailed alerting with DAKS and that they can be sure of quick help in any case.
  • With DAKS, the emergency workflow can be practiced and thus optimally prepared. The logging of the entire alerting procedure makes the process evaluable and thus provides an effective basis for its optimization.
Increase security for those responsible
  • DAKS fulfils all regulations by the employers' liability insurance association and other industrial safety regulations by ensuring that the right helpers arrive at the right place at the right time.
  • This makes dangerous jobs more attractive and supports employers in their responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of their employees or contractors.
  • Security service providers, such as object protection, can also use this automated personal security system in combination with other monitoring systems to ensure redundant personal protection.

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Protection against hypothermia

Secure your employees in deep-freeze warehouses in compliance with the German DGUV through an alarm button, various automatic alarm functions and localization

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